It is with great sadness to announce the permanent closure of ViewPoint art Gallery on January 29, 2022. It has been a tough struggle to operate a business during a pandemic in a rural community that relies so heavily on tourism. With the government imposed travel restrictions that were in place on the interior for most of 2021, the forest fires destroyed the forests and tourism, as well as the mudslides that cut off access to our area. We have been without our mainstream source of income -tourism for too long and it is unsustainable to continue operation. In addition to the lack of tourism dollars, people have changed their shopping habits with some afraid to go out and others shopping online direct.

It was an absolute pleasure to operate the Gallery which showcased the extremely talented artists from the Kootenays. I have enjoyed supporting and mentoring our local artists, raising money through the Gallery for local charities, hosting free events such as artist demonstrations, curating free exhibitions (which featured several talented local artists) and creating newsletters to enlighten readers on new artists, artist’s techniques and events.

Many thanks to all the patrons who supported the Gallery and its artists.

Take Care,

Carolyn Beck,

Owner, ViewPoint Art Gallery